Transport of Goods with Cuba

Cotransa is one of the leading specialized shipping companies in the export market to Cuba, being the ideal partner to boost sales of any product worldwide thanks to the best shipping and air transport services to Cuba.

Since its inception in 1972, and thanks to its desire for internationalization, Cotransa has made Cuba the key piece for the development of its specialization in maritime and air transport to Latin America.

We are a company that offers its services as a transit carrier in Cuba that also has its own delegation in Havana for more than 25 years, which allows us to be leaders in this market. Our experience and our team of specialized professionals is the best ally for your success in Cuba.

Principal Logistical Ports of Cuba

The main cargo port in Cuba is Mariel in Havana..

Cotransa Benefits for Import and Export of Products to Cuba

One of the services we offer, which distinguishes us from our competition in the transportation of goods with Cuba, is the possibility of handling any cargo with destination to Cuba, regardless of its origin (South America, Far East, etc.). We have our own consolidated service from China.

Our Services in Cuba

Shipping to Havana and Cuba

Own Office

Xtrade Operations from anywhere in the world to Cuba

Air transport to Havana and Cuba

Own maritime grouping service

Transport insurance and controls. Audits by experts designated by the insurance companies

Any type of load regardless of its origin

Courier Service Cuba

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