Quality Sea and Air Transport with Cotransa in Türkiye

Cotransa is proud to offer top quality maritime and air transport services at Türkiye’s strategic crossroads between Europe and Asia. With more than a decade of specialized experience in this trade, our company has become a reference in the market.

Our Specialization and Experience

Our expertise and experience are the main differentiating element that we offer to our customers. As the Spanish market leader in maritime imports from Türkiye, we have forged a solid reputation thanks to our commitment to excellence and efficiency. We have our own offices in Türkiye and maintain an exclusive partnership with specific partners in all freight ports.

Unique Maritime Group Service from Türkiye

Cotransa is proud of our innovative shipping grouping service LCL IMPORT TURQUIA ECO EXPRESS imported from Türkiye to Spain. This service, which operates weekly, is unique in the market and represents a revolution in shipping logistics.

What makes our Maritime Group Service special?

We are the fastest maritime consolidator in the market, managing to connect goods in just 7 days door-to-door from Türkiye to Spain. This efficiency translates into unprecedented delivery times and the optimization of shipping costs for our customers.

Principal Logistical Ports in Türkiye for Maritime Transport



















Sustainability and Efficiency

In addition to offering unprecedented speed in the freight connection between Türkiye and Spain in just 4 days, our service «LCL IMPORT TURQUIA ECO EXPRESS» is proud to be a more sustainable and more economical option than the truck. From its launch in 2021, this service emits between 5 and 7 times less CO2 than current truck/land services from Türkiye. This makes it a solution in line with the European Union’s emission targets and reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Learn more about our Maritime Group and Maritime FCL Service from Türkiye

If you want more information about our shipping grouping service or complete containers and know how we have revolutionized the transport of goods from Türkiye to Spain, we invite you to write to:

Cotransa Destracted Services

More than 10,000 TEUS annual shipping between Türkiye and Spain

Special agreements on occupations and delays in both Türkiye and Spain

Croostrade / Triangular shipments from Türkiye to anywhere in the world

Own Türkiye Import Groupage Service

Connection from all Turkish maritime terminals

TECO service in Türkiye and Spain

Courier Express Special Service Aerial sampling and documentation

Door-to-door service in both groupage and full container

From 3 to 4 fixed weekly departures from Türkiye

Own container trucks in both Türkiye and Spain

Air freight from / to Türkiye

Rely on Cotransa for your International Transport from / to Türkiye

Rapid response, record-time solutions and our extensive experience are the essence of our Prime service in Türkiye. If you need a reliable partner to manage any import or export of sea or air transport with Türkiye, Cotransa is the company you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us today and experience the difference we offer in logistics and transportation.


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