Exportation to Mexico with Experts in Maritime and Air Transport

At Cotransa, we are your reliable partner in the export to Mexico from Spain, specialized in maritime and air transport.
We understand the importance of Mexico as a strategic destination for your exports from Spain and we are here to facilitate your success.

Principal Logistical Ports of Mexico

We operate with the main logistics ports of Mexico, such as:




Benefits of Cotransa in Cargo Transportation to Mexico

Cotransa stands out as one of the main specialized transit companies in the export market to Mexico from Spain.
We offer all the advantages that Spanish exporters need, united in one supplier. With our extensive experience and a team of specialized professionals, we provide you with a solid ally to ensure the success of your operations.

Our Specialized Services for Export to Mexico

Sea Transport: We take your cargo to major ports in Mexico, including Veracruz, Altamira and Manzanillo.

Own Maritime Grouping Service: We help you ship smaller cargoes to Mexico in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Xtrade Operations: From anywhere in the world to Mexico, we ensure uncomplicated operations.

Air Transport: We offer air transport services between Spain and Mexico for faster and more efficient shipments.

Land Trawl: We have preferential tariffs for land transport in Mexico.

Hotel Logistics: We provide logistics services for hotels in key destinations in Mexico, such as Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Baja California and Puerto Vallarta.

Customs Shipping: Our tariffs facilitate the shipping of import customs in Mexico.

Customs Management: We are experts in customs management of exports and preparation of EUR 1 for Mexico.

Cotransa’s Competitive Ventures in Export to Mexico

At Cotransa, we strive to provide exceptional service that goes beyond the ordinary. Our competitive advantages include:

Weekly Allocation: We guarantee a weekly allocation for your shipments, giving you greater control and flexibility.

Storage Free Days + Extra Days: We offer you free storage days, plus additional days, to facilitate the reception of your cargo.

Free Download Hours: We facilitate the quick download of your charge with free download hours.

Warranty-Free Letter: We offer a warranty letter that supports the integrity of your cargo throughout the transport process.

Door to Door Work Insurance: We protect your door-to-door goods with comprehensive insurance.

Transporting with Custody: We guarantee the safety of your products throughout the journey.

Destination Days: We minimize delays at the final destination so that your products arrive on time.

Customs Agents: We have expert customs agents who expedite customs procedures.

Own Consolidated Maritime Export Service to Mexico

At Cotransa, we also offer our own consolidated maritime export service to Mexico. This includes:

From Spain:

Weekly Exits: We guarantee weekly departure for your shipments.

Door to Door Service: We offer a comprehensive service from the door of your company in Spain to the destination in Mexico.

Own Offices in the Port of Veracruz: We have our own offices in the port of veracruz for an effective coordination and control of your port services.

From Türkiye:

Weekly departures: We offer weekly exits for fast connections.

28 Day Connection Door to Door: We guarantee a fast connection of just 28 days from Türkiye to Mexico Door to Door.

With more than 10 years of experience in Türkiye and 30 years in Mexico, we are your trusted choice for exports to Mexico from Spain and Türkiye

Specialists in Customs Management and Strategic Location

We specialize in customs management, providing services in all customs of the country, including maritime, air and land. Our location of our own offices in Veracruz and Mexico City gives us a strategic position for the coordination and control of all port services.

At Cotransa, we do not believe in generic solutions. We design customized strategies to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for a specialist in maritime and air transport to Mexico for your exports from Spain or Türkiye, do not hesitate to contact us.

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