Sustainability experts

From our sustainability department, we lead the change towards more environmentally friendly logistics. We focus on providing eco-efficient solutions that enable our customers to reduce their environmental footprint and strengthen their commitment to the planet.


Efficient management of
CO2 emissions

In your logistics operations

We offer solutions to report CO2
emissions required by law.
The new European regulations requires
certain companies to report their
emissions (CO2).

Calculate emissions
per shipment

We will guide you through the process of reporting emissions from your logistics operations. We will help you better manage your carbon footprint and comply with new regulations.

Our process

The methodology used to calculate emissions from your logistics operations. It is audited and accredited by Smart Freight Centre, following the GLEC framework.

Estimation of the calculation
of shipping emissions

Calculator available to estimate the amount of CO2 emissions per shipment.

Calculation of emissions and
CO2 certificate

Analysis by journey to calculate the emissions emitted once the cargo has been delivered along with the certificate in the name of your company.

Solutions for compensation and certification

Cotransa offers a way to offset emissions through different projects, with which you will obtain an emissions compensation certificate in the name of your company.

With Cotransa

Compensates CO2 emissions

From the sustainability area of ​​Cotransa we offer projects in which to participate in order to balance the balance between emissions and sustainable actions, and thus obtain CO2 emissions compensation certificates.

Compensation is easy
                    with Cotransa


01. Select a support

We offer you a range of different projects


02. Participate by purchasing a project

Choose and decide to purchase the project that best suits your interests


03. Receive your compensation certificate

We will send you a certification of collaboration in the project so that you can justify the compensation

With Cotransa the process towards sustainability is simple and effective

Manage control of your carbon footprint